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What is SpeedRabbit?

SpeedRabbit is a collaboration platform for API development. SpeedRabbit's features simplify each step of building an API and streamline collaboration so you can create better APIs — faster.

Amazing features that will help you developer

API Client

Quickly and easily send REST, SOAP, and GraphQL requests directly within SpeedRabbit.
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Automated Testing

Automate manual tests and integrate them into your CI/CD pipeline to ensure that any code changes won't break the API in production.
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Design & Mock

Communicate the expected behavior of an API by simulating endpoints and their responses without having to set up a backend server.
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Generate and publish beautiful, machine-readable documentation to make your API easier to consume.
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Stay up-to-date on the health of your API by checking performance and response times at scheduled intervals.
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Provide a shared context for building and consuming APIs, and collaborate in real-time with built-in version control.
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Case studies

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See why amazing companies choose to work with us and love our product

Cisco uses SpeedRabbit collections to drive API adoption

"We love SpeedRabbit...It helps people conceptualize what's going on and see the results of the API in action, without having to write any code."

Ashley Roach, Principal Engineer Evangelist, Cisco DevNet

Imgur ensures consistency across teams with SpeedRabbit

"SpeedRabbit enables us to seamlessly publish our API documentation with the most recent updates to our collections."

Carlos Espinoza, Director of Platform Engineering, Imgur

Giant Machines uses SpeedRabbit mock servers to keep development fast

"SpeedRabbit’s mock servers have saved us countless developer hours. The impact on our code base is minimal as there are no mock responses in our code."

Mollie Stein, Software Engineer

AMC onboards developers with SpeedRabbit documentation

"SpeedRabbit Pro is a great tool that enables team collaboration. The sharing capabilities help make onboarding new developers and partners a much easier process."

Ian Joyce, Director, API Platform & Ecommerce, AMC Theatres

Support and Community

We continually make improvements and add new features based on feedback from our community of over 10 million users—who can also help you get the most out of SpeedRabbit on our
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